Sushma Vivhaar, India (afgestudeerd)

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Date of birth


Name of your church

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Name of your seminary / college

Presbyterian Theological Seminary, India

On what level did you follow theological education?

Bachelor of Theology, graduated, May 2018

Who is God for you, in your daily life?

I really can’t say here in few words, who is God for me.  I just want to say that my relationship with God is every day is getting better. All I can say is that my fellowship is with God is much more important than any other. My god is my father when I need something; my God is my mentor when I feel I have lost the way. He is my guider when I struggle; He is my protector when I am in the midst of the troubles. He is my friend when I want someone to listen to me. He is my mother when I want to lay my head on the lap and want to sleep like a baby. My God is my everything.

What is your dream after finishing your study?

My dream is to become a teacher and serve among the youths. After finishing I want to share the gospels specifically to the girls who are working as prostitutes. But is God has made another plan for me I am fine with it. I have submitted my wills and the visions into God’s hand wherever He will lead me I will go

What is your current ministry?

Mission school teacher in Dehradun

Arjan Woertink