Samuel Umbu Pingge, student in Indonesië (SETIA)

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Your given name(s) 

Samuel Umbu Pingge

Date of birth

18 september 1981

Name of your church

Gereja-Gereja Reformasi  di Indonesis- Nusa Tenggara Timur (GGRI-NTT).

Name of your seminary / college

Sekolah tinggi Theologia Injili Arastamar Jakarta (SETIA)

On what level do you follow theological education?

I studied theology at the master’s level: specialization in systematic theology.

Who is God for you, in your daily life?

Since childhood, I have been taught by my parents that I have to work as someone who believes in God. and always ask God to bless our work and our plans. so it is ingrained in me, so even the smallest thing according to most people, but for me it must be known by God through my prayer. I feel that God is taught by my parents and what they preach, God is the one who has been living my life for the rest of my life.

What is your dream after finishing your study?

I aim / dream to build a church starting from spiritual education in young children, young people, so that they are well established in thinking Christianly. after they are established in the education of faith, they are easily invited to build a church with what they have. their time, their possessions, and even their souls. I will try to use everything I have gained in this education to have a Christian faith education rather than the church I serve.


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